The Ambassador Program represents a cooperative effort to foster the adoption of RoboHero within the Web3 community by encouraging the creation of original content.

We've noticed a significant number of community members naturally participating in this endeavor. Consequently, the program has been instituted to acknowledge and incentivize individuals who stand out for their extraordinary contributions in crafting remarkable content and disseminating it across their social media platforms.

Our Ambassadors are comprised of skilled content creators, influential leaders within X and Discord communities, and visionary project developers.

It is an exclusive group, and we are actively searching for the most exceptional individuals to join our ranks!

What can we guarantee you?

  • Exclusive access to RoboHero. WATCH GAMEPLAY HERE!

  • Inside info from closed ambassador group on Discord.

  • RoboHero merch for you and your community in the future.

  • Dedicated leaderboard with fair $ prize pool.

  • Every month, the prize pool ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

  • Guaranteed whitelist spots for our upcoming NFTs, including Survivors PFP collection.

  • Unique ambassador badges.

Stay in the top 100 and grab stablecoins along with exclusive content from the world of RoboHero!

Why should you become our ambassador?

Exclusive Access and Opportunities:

As a RoboHero ambassador, you'll gain exclusive access to opportunities that go beyond the ordinary. Whether it's early previews of new features, collaboration opportunities, or insider insights, our ambassador program opens doors to experiences that set you apart in the Web3 community.

Recognition and Rewards for Your Contributions:

Your efforts as a RoboHero ambassador don't go unnoticed. We believe in recognizing and rewarding exceptional contributions. By joining our ambassador program, you position yourself to receive accolades and tangible rewards, showcasing your dedication and talent to the broader community.

Financial Incentives with a Monthly Prize Pool:

One of the unique perks of being a RoboHero ambassador is the opportunity to share in our monthly prize pool, ranging from $5000 to $10,000. Your impactful contributions won't just be acknowledged. They will be financially rewarded, providing an extra incentive to showcase your passion and skills within the Web3 space.

how it works?


fill the form and apply


Help us spread the news about RoboHero


collect rewards

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